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Understanding the Colosseum NFT Staking System


Unlock consistent passive income with Colosseum NFTs!


Here’s how our staking system works:

Monthly Earnings: Each Gladiator NFT offers the opportunity to earn between $10 and $70 in USDT per month.

No Transfer Required: To participate in our Stake System, there’s no need to transfer your NFT to a staking pool.

Listing Prohibition: To qualify for Stake rewards, you must not list any of your NFTs on exchanges. Importantly, if you own multiple NFTs and list even one on the market, you will be disqualified from receiving Stake Income from all your NFTs and will be removed from the system.

Payment Schedule: Payments are made every 10 days, which means you’ll receive 3 payments per month, directly to the wallet holding the NFT.


Gladiator Power and Earnings

Power Determines Income: Each Gladiator NFT has a specific ‘Power’ level, recorded in the NFT’s metadata and accessible under the ‘Levels’ tab on OpenSea. This power directly correlates with the monthly Stake Income in USDT. For example, if your NFT’s Gladiator Power is 60, this translates to a monthly staking income of 60 USDT. Consequently, you will receive 20 USDT every 10 days.

Automatic Payments: Every 10 days, one-third of the monthly staking income based on your NFT’s power is automatically transferred to your wallet in USDT.

Ease of Participation: The only requirement to receive payments is to continue holding your NFT. No additional actions are needed from your side to enjoy the benefits of staking.

This innovative staking system not only ensures a source of passive income but also significantly elevates the intrinsic value and functional utility of each Gladiator NFT within the Colosseum Ecosystem. Prepare to generate earnings as you immerse yourself in the excitement of the arena!