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Your questions answered!

To start earning, simply hold your Gladiator NFT in your wallet.

Ensure it’s not listed on any exchange to remain eligible for the staking rewards.

The Power of your NFT also represents its monthly staking income in USDT.

The power of your NFT is recorded in its metadata.

The minimum monthly income you can earn from an NFT is $10, and the maximum is $70 USDT, depending on the power level of your NFT as recorded in its metadata.

No, there is no maximum limit. You can own hundreds of NFTs and earn staking income from each one.

Staking income payments are automatically made to the wallet containing your NFT every 10 days. No additional actions are required. All you need to do is hold your NFT.

Staking income will continue until the last quarter of 2025. After this date, with the launch of the Colosseum Game, staking incomes will be discontinued, and we will transition to a play & earn system. With the launch of the game, you will be able to continue earning by playing.

Yes, it will be possible to increase the power of your NFT through methods that we will announce periodically.

For example, if you have 10 NFTs, you will be able to increase the power of one NFT by 50%. This is just one example.

We will make official announcements in the future.