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Chapter 1 STAKE & Earn

$10 TO $70

Immediate Passive Income

Secure your Gladiator NFT and begin earning passive income immediately. Enjoy the simplicity of earning USDT monthly without additional effort.

Keep Your NFTs Safe

Participate in our Stake System without transferring your NFTs.

Hold your NFT in your wallet, and you're all set to earn.

Get Paid Every 10 Days

Receive automatic USDT payments directly to your wallet every 10 days. Enjoy the convenience of regular income without any manual intervention.

Easy Compliance

Keep your NFT off any exchanges to remain eligible for staking rewards. Protect your income by holding your NFT and staying compliant with our simple guidelines.

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18+ Month

Stake Income


Monthly Stake Income per NFT

Max $70

Monthly Stake Income per NFT

Colosseum Roadmap

CHAPTER-1: Distribution of NFTs and Stake & Earn

1st Mint Phase

After 1st Mint Phase, first Gladiators in the Colosseum will find their owners!

This Mint Phase will have 300 supply and only Colosseum Ticket owners will be able to Mint.

After this Mint phase is completed, Stake System will start immediately and the payments will be made every 10 days.

CHAPTER-1: Distribution of NFTs and Stake & Earn

Stake & Earn System

Stake System will be activated immediately after the 1st Mint Phase is completed.

Your Gladiator's power represents your minimum monthly Stake Income.

For example, if your NFT's Gladiator Power is 30, it means you can generate $30 monthly income from this NFT.

Holders who stake their Colosseum NFTs will automatically receive USDT payments within 10 days. So you get 3 payments every month.

CHAPTER-1: Distribution of NFTs and Stake & Earn

Other Mint Phases

Limited numbers of Colosseum NFT mint opportunities will be available with other mint stages.

CHAPTER-2: Game Development and Testing Processes

Development of the Alpha Version

Development of the Game's Core Mechanics and Interface:

Creation of basic game functions such as character movements, combat mechanics, and user interface.

Designing customizable gladiator profiles and skill trees.

Initiation of Alpha Testing with a Limited User Group:

A select group of users will be invited to test the early version of the game.

The alpha version will be evaluated for basic playability and early game balance.

CHAPTER-2: Game Development and Testing Processes

Beta Testing and Feedback

Extensive Beta Testing:

Launching beta testing with a broader user base.

Testing and improving in-game economy, combat systems, and quests.

User Experience Improvements and Feedback:

Focusing on user experience, adjusting interfaces and interactions based on user feedback.

Adjusting the game's financial mechanics and balance based on feedback from the community.

CHAPTER-3: Game Launch and Play & Earn System - Q4 2025

Launch of the Full Version of the Game

Release of the Full Version of the Colosseum Game:

The final version of the game, with all features and completed content, will be released.

Introduction of in-game stores, customization options, and advanced graphics.

Presentation as an Arena Combat Game:

Players will be able to compete in various arena modes: single combats, team fights, and special tournaments.

Each victory and achievement will raise players’ status, allowing access to new leagues and higher rewards.

CHAPTER-3: Game Launch and Play & Earn System - Q4 2025

Activation of the Play & Earn System

Launch of the Play & Earn Mechanic:

Players will be able to earn USDT by winning arena matches and completing special quests.

Daily, weekly, and monthly quests will be introduced, providing continuous earning opportunities.

Establishment of the In-Game Economy and Competitive Leagues:

Development of economic systems for players to manage their earnings and make strategic investments.

Competitive leagues and rankings will continually challenge and encourage players to improve.

Your questions answered!

To start earning, simply hold your Gladiator NFT in your wallet.

Ensure it’s not listed on any exchange to remain eligible for the staking rewards.

The Power of your NFT also represents its monthly staking income in USDT.

The power of your NFT is recorded in its metadata.

The minimum monthly income you can earn from an NFT is $10, and the maximum is $70 USDT, depending on the power level of your NFT as recorded in its metadata.

No, there is no maximum limit. You can own hundreds of NFTs and earn staking income from each one.

Staking income payments are automatically made to the wallet containing your NFT every 10 days. No additional actions are required. All you need to do is hold your NFT.

Staking income will continue until the last quarter of 2025. After this date, with the launch of the Colosseum Game, staking incomes will be discontinued, and we will transition to a play & earn system. With the launch of the game, you will be able to continue earning by playing.

Yes, it will be possible to increase the power of your NFT through methods that we will announce periodically.

For example, if you have 10 NFTs, you will be able to increase the power of one NFT by 50%. This is just one example.

We will make official announcements in the future.

Battle, Earn and Reign in the Colosseum.

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